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An Annual Mortgage Review!


There are many reasons to use a mortgage broker but one key reason is having peace of mind knowing our services don’t end after your deal is closed. Access to your broker for trusted advice lasts beyond the duration of your mortgage term.

There is no reason to wait until your mortgage renewal date to consult your broker.
Take advantage of an Annual Mortgage Review to assess your options and plan your next steps.

Here are a few reasons why:

Discuss your financial situation and home ownership goals to make sure you are on track. You can make changes to your mortgage (payment frequency and payment amount) if they will better help you achieve your home ownership goals.

Consolidate your high interest debts by rolling them into your mortgage and using your savings to increase your cash flow or put towards another need.

Tap into your home equity to consolidate debt and complete a home renovation project or purchase a vacation/investment property.

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